QSL & Station Info 
Thank you for contacting me!
I also welcome visitors that came to take a look at my station.

For those that have spoken to me on the air, my prefered method of QSL is via direct or LoTW.
For direct, please see current address and other info at QRZ.com or my FCC listing
Alternately, you can always request information via e-mail as well.

Ok, with that all out of the way, let's check out the station!

Main Station

This is the main "command center" From here I can get on just about all bands from 80 meters through 1.2 GHz. Radios pictured above:
On the left: Kenwood TS-2000 (my main radio) and Kenwood TM-D700 (runs APRS and Packet simultaniously).
On the right: Kenwood TS-430S (used mostly for 10m, backup radio), Icom 208H (for local 2/440 repeaters),
and FlexRadio 1500 (not pictured, digital and Propnet Beacon)

My station can be operated on 100% solar power. This includes the lighting, radios, computer, and all of my accesories.
With the exception of the computer, this is how I normally operate.

Panoramic of Room

Here is a panoramic view of the shack. To the right, you see the main station and the rest is my "computer lab"

Station at Night

Last but not least... A picture of my station at night, all lit up like a Christmas tree. The picture really doesn't do it justice...

QSL Card

Hope to hear you on the air! 73 de Vinny KB1JDX